Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.2 Root with One Click

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a Honeycomb Tablets that just received to Honeycomb 3.2 recently,  it also just received an improved one-click , from some brilliant folks in the modding community. It’s a little different than your standard one-click , in that it uses Linux only, instead of Windows. Thanks to the developer of this “Mod” didn’t want to leave non-Linux users out in the cold, so he created a Linux-based self installing CD-ROM ISO, that makes the process even easier!


ASUS EeePad Transformer Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.2 Root with One Click

Don’t fret, though, Windows users, the dev behind this mod, rebound821, also developed an ingenious and simple way for you to use this tool with no previous Linux knowledge: a live CD. That’s right, simply download and burn the ISO, boot into the disk, and when the desktop loads, hit “Universal Root for ASUS TF101.” Bam. Root. Done.

Additionally, if you are a Linux user, it’s even easier. The problem is this root doesn’t come with ClockworkMod recovery which we normally get it from other Mod. To get more info and some download links hit the XDA source link.

Update: Step by Step Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.2 Root with One Click for Windows User

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