NVIDIA Tegra: World First Dual-Core CPU for Tablets

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It has been a while since NVIDIA introduced its Tegra processors, the world’s first dual-core CPU for mobile devices including tablets. Its capability is beyond greatness, this little computer chip is shockingly capable of bringing your computer desktop visual experience in your tablets or phones.

Being the first dual-core CPU, Tegra had the APX 2500 packed with ARM11 750Mhz MPCore, is capable of encoding and decoding HD video, running 1280×1024 resolution, and handling up to 12mp cameras.

With the next 600 series, which aiming the Mobile Internet Devices, running at 600 and 800Mhz, been told of its battery life saving capability that consumes less than a single watt of power.

Today, NVIDIA Tegra 2, is an enormous dual-core CPU that supports 1080p video without compromising battery life. With 1GHz on each core, Tegra 2 has been bundled with most today’s tablets such as Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, Asus Eee Pad, Galaxy Tab 2, Sony S1 S2, etc. NVIDIA chose to focus its development only on Android OS with Android rapid growth as the main reason. The display output is undoubtedly excellent for any Honeycomb HD games. Below is a video showing off the power of NVIDIA Tegra 2 by demonstrating HD game. Enjoy.

tegra2 NVIDIA Tegra: World First Dual Core CPU for Tablets

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