Samsung Wins Against Apple, As Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban on Shipments Lifted

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A really great slap back by sent to , as has been annoyed with a recent Apple’s filed in Germany court. Apple claimed that has stole their ’s intellectual property into . And along the judgement from a judge in a Germany court, quickly made shipment banned to entire europe, except Netherlands, with Netherlands filed in a different lawsuit.

Actually, Apple only had a preliminary injunction in the Germany court. And everyone was waiting for Samsung to make an appeal, and there it is. Samsung questioned the evidence provided by Apple, and it was a tampered one, either a nasty move by Apple or some mistake you guess.

It was strange already that a court in Germany can voice out the shipping banishment to entire Europe, instead of only Germany itself. Back to Apple, they’ve done a lot of legal fights, shooting random missiles against anyone in the market. According to the source, HTC is attacking Apple, while Motorola has been bought by Google. It looks like this is just the beginning of the entire story, question is will Apple able to endure itself from all of them and continue launching iPad 3 smoothly?

samsung win against apple 300x178 Samsung Wins Against Apple, As Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban on Shipments Lifted


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