[Tips] How do you protect your Android Tablets from Scratches and Drops

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Do you protect your from scratches and drops? I would like to share some knowledge around scratches and drops, and be sure that you have the right one to get your Android Tablets or other Gadgets protected.

Scratches on Android Tablets screen will make your tablet less appealing, because touch-screen type gadgets are depending on the cleanliness of the screen and the feel of the screen. It’s a my personal preference that I will keep my Android Tablets and my Android Phones scratch free.

Drops on android tablets usually happen when your Android Tablets have less grips so it make its to drop more often. There are ways to prevent your Android Tablets from Scratches and drops.

notion ink adam scratch resistant screen [Tips] How do you protect your Android Tablets from Scratches and Drops

1. Don’t put your Android tablets together with others stuffs together, especially those with metal and sharp edges. It happen all the time when you careless put it into your bag that full of other sharp edges stuffs like pen, paper clips, staples, and even laptop or its battery charger could scratch your Android Tablets. Please, don’t let it happen.

2. Don’t simply put your Android tablets on dirty surfaces or on the edge of surfaces, especially those with sands and sharp edges. It not only scratch your Android Tablets, but there are chances that your Android Tablets will drops. Please take good care of the Android Tablets.

3. Buy a Case / Protector for your tablets. I personally like to buy Invisible shield compared to Case, as Case tends to be bulky and make it more difficult to hold. I personally getting my ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD and get all of my gadgets protected, the invisibleSHIELD is great it is not only protect the Android Tablets from scratches but it also improve the grip to make it easier to hold and less drops, try to browse through their web as they have it for Android Tablets too, I get mine here go check yours here too. The invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG does protect both screen and its back. I would love to write more about this later, please remind me.

I would write more tips on the next update. Please check out our others posts too.

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