Tips: How to Extend Samsung Galaxy Tab Battery

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A lot of aspects we might have to concern if it comes to battery life extension. The secret is simple, turn off or reduce. To help conserve your Samsung Galaxy Tab battery life, we have list down the following tips:

3G radio drains the battery very much, so turn it off when not in use. As well Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, when you’re not actually using it, just turn it off.

You need to know that applications which are using GPS will periodically retrieve your current location data from the satellites. Thus, periodically drain your battery life without your knowledge.

Reduce your display backlight brightness. It effects quite shockingly. And also change your animated wallpaper into a static because animation is processing and process need power, so if you are really going for battery life saving, then you must change your Tab’s wallpaper.

Kill your Tab’s background applications when not in use, use task manager. Turn off application automatic synchronize.

android battery saving tips Tips: How to Extend Samsung Galaxy Tab Battery Airplane Mode
While you are not using your Galaxy Tab, you may switch it to Airplane mode which really saves your battery life.

Also, do not let your battery drains till completely empty, charge it before happens. The repetition of the action will bring harm to your battery. Build your habits starting today and let’s see what happens next. Don’t forget to leave your opinion about these tips.

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  • Anonymous

    These are all great tips!!! However, I came here to find out HOW to change the battery in my original Samsung Galaxy tablet and the information is nowhere to be found on this page. Do you have an update? I’ve called places in my area for 2 days straight and NO ONE will change the battery, since they don’t stock the batteries. I even offered to sign a waver but still no one, including Samsung itself!, will change the old battery. :(

  • Garry

    So I have been doing the same thing? is there not one person that can change a battery in Calgary AB